Vegetable drinks for everyone!

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Discover our Nature range!

The nature range is a marvel! And it’s not because we say so, it’s because our consumers say so.

It is a range suitable for all kinds of people, as it does not contain lactose or cow’s milk protein, so it is suitable for people who are lactose intolerant or allergic to this protein, it does not contain gluten, so it can also be taken by people with coeliac disease.

And best of all, they are sugar-free! So they are ideal for people who want to reduce the consumption of this ingredient, or diabetics who cannot take it.

All Ecomil drinks have premium quality ingredients and all of them are certified organic, but we want to highlight the quality of our two star drinks:

-Almond Nature drink: The Almond Nature drink contains 6% of Spanish almonds from dry farming.

This means that only rain and dew water is used in its production, which means that it does not exploit natural aquifers and water reserves – a plus for the environment!

-Vegetable coconut drink: Coco Nature vegetable drink contains 8.5% premium coconut, one of the highest percentages on the market.

In addition, the coconuts come from Sri Lanka, extracted in a sustainable way and without any kind of animal abuse.

Here you have a recipe with our coconut drink, so you have no excuse to try it!


Ingredients (for 2 servings):

100 ml Coco Nature Ecomil vegetable drink
50 ml coconut yoghurt
Half a mango
A handful of spinach
Cinnamon to taste
Suggested toppings: blackberries, strawberries or coconut flakes


Place all the ingredients needed for the smoothie in the jug of our Oster blender and blend well until smooth and creamy.
Serve immediately to maintain its texture and freshness.
Serve with some of the suggested toppings: strawberries, blackberries or coconut flakes.
If we are not going to consume it right away, we can add a splash of lemon juice to the smoothie and store it in an airtight container in the fridge. It is preferable to consume it during the first 24 hours.