Discover the only range of low-carb plant-based drinks on the market

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bebidas vegetales keto low carb ecomil almendra coco

Fill up on energy while taking care of yourself with the new Ecomil KETO range.

We are launching the first range of plant-based drinks specially created for low carb diets. Why for keto diets? Because it will give you that extra boost of energy you need to start your day and stay active. A dietary revolution that expands the range of plant-based drinks to a whole new market. 

Just for keto diets? No! Ecomil Keto is a plant-based drink that anyone can drink and enjoy. In addition to the usual benefits of our sugar-free drinks, we’ve added an extra boost from the formula so you can start your day with the energy you need from the first sip. 

bebidas vegetales keto low carb ecomil almendra coco

In our Keto range you will find two versions:

Keto Almond, made with our most characteristic ingredient. Organic, rain-fed almonds grown in Spain and roasted to give it an irresistible flavour.

Keto Coco, made with premium coconuts from Sri Lanka, organically grown and totally free of animal abuse. Monkey free! The sweetest option… without sugar!

What makes these plant-based drinks low carb?

We add a key ingredient to our Keto range: coconut oil. A top quality oil specially chosen for not having any palm oil like others you can find in the market.

In addition, it has 0.2% and 0.6% carbohydrates, a much lower amount than other drinks on the market, which makes it highly recommended for low carb diets!

Why coconut oil?

KETO or ketogenic diets imply, especially when starting them, a notable lack of energy that you can drastically reduce with our new Keto range. By incorporating coconut oil, we provide a high percentage of medium-chain triglycerides and thus help your body to obtain energy more efficiently. 

It’s an extra boost of energy that you’ll notice quickly!

Are they only suitable for low-carb diets?

No! Our Keto plant-based drinks provide a boost of energy that we can all use and enjoy to start each day with the desire to eat the world and be ready for any physical activity we are going to do. 

They are sugar-free, like our Nature Range, so they are still super healthy and have a high percentage of the main ingredient to give you a taste you’ll enjoy in every sip.

bebidas vegetales keto low carb ecomil almendra coco