Sugar-free plant-based drink: the real taste of summer


Can you think of a better plan this summer than enjoying a glass of your favourite plant-based drink on the rocks while reading a book by the pool? Neither can we, but… do you know what the real taste of summer is? We suggest you discover our entire Nature range of sugar-free plant-based drinks to find your perfect combination to beat the heat.

Ecomil Almond Nature
We launched our first almond milk more than 25 years ago and since then we have become almond specialists. We currently have more than 15 different references of this drink but the best known and everyone’s favourite is Ecomil Almond Nature.

A plant-based, organic drink, free of sugar, lactose, milk protein and gluten and with 6% almond, a much higher percentage than most of the competition, the real taste of almond milk! Made with organic, organic Spanish almonds grown on dry land to take care of you while protecting the environment.

We also have other sugar-free almond drinks: Ecomil Almond Protein, Ecomil Almond&Chia and Ecomil Almond Vanilla. Which one do you want to try?

Ecomil Coconut Nature
Turn any beach into a tropical paradise in one sip! Ecomil Coconut Nature is another of our top sellers worldwide thanks to an irresistible taste without sugar, lactose, milk protein or gluten.

Made with 8.5% coconut, a much higher percentage than most of the competition, brought from Sri Lanka, premium quality, organically grown and sun-ripened to maintain all its qualities and, of course, without using animals in its harvesting. #MonkeyFree!

Ecomil Hazelnut Nature
The best way to beat the heat? A small glass of our unsweetened organic hazelnut drink, with a little ice and your feet in the pool. Why do we know that? Well, we’re exactly like that as we write this post.

Our Ecomil Hazelnut Nature is 5.5% hazelnut and we’ve recently improved it to have a more pronounced roasted hazelnut flavour – now it’s even better! Free from sugar, gluten, lactose and milk protein, the perfect organic plant-based drink for the summer.

Ecomil Hemp Nature
Hemp is here to stay. At Ecomil we love to innovate and be pioneers, which is why we were among the first to launch a plant-based, organic hemp drink on the market. Thanks to its 3% hemp seeds and 1.3% hemp oil, it has a very characteristic flavour that only the most daring try but that everyone loves.

This summer we challenge you to discover the authentic taste of hemp, without sugar, gluten, lactose or dairy protein with our Ecomil Hemp Nature. Dare to try it and let us know what you think!

Ecomil Cashew Nature
If you’re taking your first steps away from dairy and towards plant-based drinks, our Ecomil Cashew Nature is the perfect solution. Thanks to its 6% cashew nut content, it has a very dairy-like consistency and texture and a smooth taste that goes perfectly with your coffee, tea or smoothie.

Of course, it is made with 100% organic ingredients, free of dairy protein, lactose, gluten and sugar so that everyone can enjoy its flavour.

Ecomil Coconut&Almond Nature
The latest launch of the Nature range! You all love our almond drink and our coconut drink so much that we had to bring them together. The result was great, a summer romance that will stay with us for life.

Without gluten, lactose, dairy protein or sugar, perfect to combine or drink alone. Have you tried it yet?

*Ecomil Tigernut milk with no added sugars
Like horchata but without added sugars and with the authentic taste of summer thanks to its 12% tigernut milk? That’s right, the most idyllic summer product in its healthy and organic version. It does not belong to the Nature range but it was impossible to leave it out of this list.

Like all our organic plant-based drinks, it is lactose-free, dairy protein-free and gluten-free – you have to try it!