Make your coffee like a pro!

Ecomil Barista - @topfoodfacts

Do you like or love coffee? With our Barista range, realize at home a tasty and creamy coffee like a barista! Our range is also available for professionals and you might find it in your favourite coffee shop. We have selected all the ingredients to help you obtain a creamy and smooth foam for your cappuccinos, mochaccinos, latte macchiatos and iced coffee. We advise you to use a coffee machine with a steam for a perfect result.

Ecomil Barista. Homemade coffee

Discover our Barista range

Almond Barista

The Almond milk Barista was created with Premium almonds 100% Spanish and issued from organic farming. It has been elaborated for coffee lovers by offering a drink without lactose and gluten, and low sugars.

Oat Barista

To add more flavours to your coffee, we also created the oat drink Barista with 16% of oat issued from organic farming , and no added sugars.

How to make the perfect foam?

Nikolas, Ecomil Oat Barista

In the video, Nikolas Konstantinidis, winner of the German Barista Brewers Cup 2018, gives us some tips and pieces of advice to prepare a tasty coffee with a perfect and creamy foam, without forgetting how to decorate your coffee with the milk.