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At Ecomil we contribute to protecting the health of bees and the planet. Our almond milk is produced in the same place where the almonds are grown, in the east of Spain.

No pesticides or other chemical products are used in their cultivation, as the almond trees are grown in accordance with organic farming regulations, making a commitment to the environment.

In addition, the organic almonds we select come from 100% rainfed cultivation, which avoids depletion of the water table and ensures greater water efficiency. As for pollinating insects, the bees are indigenous and collect pollen freely.

This is the reason why years ago we decided to collaborate with @asociacionanse in their action plan for the protection of pollinators, the improvement of their quality of life and their habitat in the face of climate change 🐝.

To this end:

✅ We create “ecological corridors” and gardens for pollinators to travel.

✅ We build pollinator shelters in rural areas.

✅ We develop environmental management agreements with different municipalities, beekeepers, farmers and associations.

✅ We raise public awareness through voluntary activities, environmental education classes.

You too can contribute to this fight! 💛