Vegetable Drinks

Pumpkin and cinnamon tartlets 🎁🧡

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The best present we can bring you this year? Well, this recipe with our cashew cuisine! Not only are they delicious, but... you'll be amazed by the smell in your home when you make them - even Santa won't be able to resist! 🎅🏻🎅🏻 INGREDIENTS BASE 200g…


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¿A que te hemos dado la mejor idea de desayuno del momento? Nuestra bebida de avena sin gluten le da un toque... 🤤🤤 ¡Ponte manos a la obra y deleitate con la mejor receta de pancakes vegan del mundo mundial! INGREDIENTES: 200gr…


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Treat yourself to this carrot cake, it's a sugar-free and vegan recipe, so believe it or not, this cake is very healthy. No doubt that this recipe is ideal if you want to enjoy a sweet snack without remorse! 😜 👩🏼🍳INGREDIENTS:-2flax…


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What a madness! Just looking at the photo makes us drool…and you don't have to be an expert in the kitchen to get them right, they're so easy that you're sure they'll look just like the ones in the photo. Oh my, the melted chocolate…to…

Best Mocca ever ❤️🧡

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Here's the easiest recipe in the world! Ingredients: 👉2-3 dates soaked to make them soft 👉30 g soaked cashew nuts (1h) 👉1 cup Ecomil® vegetable oatmeal drink 👉1 tbsp cocoa 👉1/2 teaspoon liquid vanilla 👉2…


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💟ESTÁ PERMITIDO VER LA VIDA DE COLOR ROSA 💟 ¿Te gusta un buen latte? ¡Pues más te va a gustar cuando veas el color! La fantástica @letitvegan_ nos ha vuelto a sorprender con esta receta tan espectacular que nunca antes…

All you need to know about sugar and non-dairy milks

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The issue of sugar and milk in vegan diets The issue of sugar Consuming less sugar is an essential thing to be healthy. In addition, refined sugars is not part of the vegan diet. This is good news because refined sugars (as opposed to natural…
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