Vegetable Creams

Croquetas de champiñones ¡La receta definitiva!

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Hacer croquetas no es tan difícil como pensabas, sólo necesitas un poquito de práctica y muchas ganas de divertirte en la cocina. Nuestra crema de cocina Bechamel es tu aliado perfecto para que este proceso sea mucho más fácil y rápido,…


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Ecomil green pesto sauce will leave you speechless! With a very simple and healthy nutritional composition, it will give your dishes that creamy and delicious touch you need. You can use Ecomil's green pesto cuisine cream in different ways; -Adding…

Our almonds: organic, rain-fed and MADE IN SPAIN

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Did you know that the almonds used to make our vegetable drinks are Spanish? 😮 And because they are organic, they have a lot of benefits? We tell you some of them ➡️ 🔸Unsaturated fats This seed contains 53.5% of fats which…

Mushroom cream ❤️😋

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Do you fancy a delicious, healthy and easy to make cream? Well, don't hesitate to prepare this one! It is the perfect dish for these cold days when we need a good hot dish to warm up. It is also a great way to eat vegetables for children,…

Pumpkin and cinnamon tartlets 🎁🧡

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The best present we can bring you this year? Well, this recipe with our cashew cuisine! Not only are they delicious, but... you'll be amazed by the smell in your home when you make them - even Santa won't be able to resist! 🎅🏻🎅🏻 INGREDIENTS BASE 200g…


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Summer is here, and how can we welcome it? With this super cool recipe brought to us by @letitvegan_ ! If you were looking for an easy, delicious and fun recipe, you're in luck! 🥳 Because the touch of our Coconut Cuisine mixed with the…
Ecomil Coconut Cooking Cream awarded Best Organic Product in France!

Ecomil Coconut Cooking Cream awarded Best Organic Product in France!

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The Ecomil Coconut Cream has been awarded "the Best Organic Product" France 2017! Thanks to the jury from Bio à la Une for this very special award! After the election of the Ecomil Almond Cooking Cream as the best organic product of…

¡La crema EcoMil Cuisine Almendra elegida mejor producto ecológico 2016!

Verdadero sustituyo a las cremas clásicas, nuestra nata vegetal EcoMil Cuisine Almendra fue elegida mejor producto ecológico del año 2016. Esta distinción recompensa los productos los mas apreciados, una vez que se probaron por un jurado…

Cream Ecomil Cuisine Almond voted as the best organic product 2016!

Real substitute to dairy single creams, our non-dairy almond based cooking cream Ecomil Cuisine Almond has been voted best organic product 2016. This distinction rewards the most appreciated products, after having being tested by a panel of…