That’s why we show you how @watermeloncuida does it to make you a bit envious…. and encourage you to practice it!

Today we would like to reflect on anxiety and stress, we live in a constant routine in which we don’t stop to think about our mental health.

We all need a pause, a moment to breathe, to think, to dream… that’s why we want to teach you a practice that is being a revolution. It is CONSCIOUS BREATHING, and… what is it? What is this? you may ask.

Well, it is a set of breathing techniques that consists of three movements, inspiration, expiration and retention, with the purpose of controlling what in yoga is called prana, the vital energy that is in every being. To practice it, all you have to do is:

💙Find a quiet place and take a seat

💚Close your eyes, relax your body and start breathing deeply through your nose

💜Centre all your energy and thoughts on your breath.

By doing this a few times a week you will be able to cope with the hectic pace of everyday life, improving both your physical and mental health and eliminating the stress and anxiety we accumulate every day.