The Hemp drink range is widening !


Ecomil is proving again to be innovative, bold and creative launching on the market, the first Organic hemp drink sugar-free in Tetra brick in Europe !

Already providing an amazing range of non-dairy drinks, our brand aim to satisfy the tastes and the needs of every one.

Ecomil has widened the range being faithful to its principles ! Indeed, thanks to a right dosage of the agave syrup, we achieved to concoct you a tasty low sugars drink !

Thanks to this new creamy and so delicious hemp drink, non-dairy drinks fans will be totally delighted !

 EcoMil Boisson au chanvre sans sucres Bio 1 L                                    EcoMil Boisson au chanvre agave Bio 1 L


This hemp drink can be consumed at any time of the day, hot or cold, in coffee or tea, and can also be used in your recipes: sauces, cakes, pancakes, puddings

Don’t hesitate, try our new Ecomil Hemp drink, and taste the immense joy to experience new culinary and nutrient horizons!


Reminder : Ecomil hemp drink is made with hemp seeds, a “superfood” rich in protein. Besides,  seeds hemp fat have a perfect balance between omega 6 and 3 (tree /one).


Feuille de chanvre industriel agricole