The new Ecomil packagings available

new Ecomil tetras design

The  old Ecomil packaging are to be replaced by the new ones, with a smooth design.

new packaging ecomil

Already available in your stores for some of them,  they will substitute all the old ones in the next few months.

For you to understand better:

– The new Ecomil logo (since end of 2013) is located at the top of every product

– The colour code: check out at first sight the main characteristic of the product (green= sweetened with agave syrup, white= sugars free, blue=enriched with calcium,  red=cocoa and yellow=vanilla).

– The product designation: it helps you to identify clearly the main ingredient (Almond, Coconut) and an important characteristic of the products.

– Organic  product/,made in Spain logo:  it reminds you that the product comes from the organic farming  and is produced in the South-Est Spain, region where the almonds are harvested.

– The Vegan logo:  the official logo that certifies the product has been registered by the Vegan Society.

– The nutritional benefits: they mention that the product is gluten-free and/or lactose-free.

new Ecomil  tetras design