Sweet Potato Curry


Today, we offer you a very complete and perfect recipe to enjoy with friends. The ingredients for this sweet potato curry are: spinach, sweet potato, cauliflower, onion, garlic, tomato paste, our India cooking cream and spices to taste, @topfoodfacts has added cumin and cinnamon powder. All your guests will be amazed by this dish ?????

Ingredients (for 2-3 servings):

1 sweet potato

Half a head of cauliflower

A handful of spinach

200 ml tomato sauce

1 tbsp of tomato puree

Half a head of white onion

1 clove of garlic

100 ml EcoMil India Cuisine

1 tsp of dried cumin

1 tsp of cinnamon powder

Salt, pepper



Cut the sweet potato in 2-3 cm chunks and season with salt and pepper

Cook it in the oven, set to 180 Celsius, for about 30-40 minutes until they soften up

Meanwhile, in a hot pan, start frying the onions and garlic in some oil

In 3-4 minutes you can put in the cauliflower florets and cook for further 5 minutes before going to the next step

Now you can add the spices and the tomato puree, and mix nicely

Pour the tomato sauce in and add the cooked sweet potatoes, and the spinach as well

Let it all simmer together for 5 minutes and finish it with Ecomil India Cuisine

Serve with some rice and enjoy!

Thank you@topfoodfacts for this recipe.

More recipe on his instagram !