Sugary drinks linked to another cause of global death

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This is a real threat to our current society: 

The regular consumption of famous sugary drinks (or not famous) around the world maximize the risks to develop cancer, obesity, diabete and many other cardiovascular diseases and health issues.

A few figures to illustrate this worldwide epidemic:

  • 184.000 annual deaths linked to daily consumption of sodas in the world, of which:
  • 25.000 in the United States
  • 133.000 annual deaths due to diabetes
  • 45.000 due to cardiovascular diseases
  • 6.450 due to various types of cancer

As en explanation, we can find 9 teaspoons of sugar in a single can of Coca-Cola. This is a far too much part compared to the estimation of the World Health Organization, which recommends a consumption of less than 12 teaspoons a day, with an ideal of 6 a day.

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Ecomil and sugar-free 

Consuming too much sugar favours the augmentation of blood glucose and often causes teeth decays.

But we do care about you! The Ecomil sugar-free almond milk range is still available and we will keep on updating you about this major issue …