Soya chunks almond curry

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  1. Allow textured soybean protein to soak for half-an-hour or until it softens
  2. Drain well the soja and crush it so that no water is kept in excess
  3. Add a full tablespoon of curry, some salt and a drizzle of extra virgin coconut oil and mix all the ingredients so as to combine flavours
  4. In a non-stick pan, chop the red onion, add the soja mixture and heat all together for 3minuts, stirring at times
  5. Add the almond cooking cream and mix all the ingredients over low heat. Add salt and curry to taste, if necessary
  6. In two minuts, you obtain a delicious creamy soja curry with almond flavour that can be served with white rice 🙂

Many thanks to Vicky for this original and tasty recipe!

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