Quizz : Can you guess how much sugar there is in these foods?

daily intake recommandation of the WHO

It’s not so easy to evaluate the sugar content which is in the food we are eating.

Do you know how many teaspoons of sugar are in these food and drinks products?

Coca1VitaminWater2GingerBeer2Heinz2    Rustlers2    WeightWatchers2      Light yoghourt2    Mars Bar2    Haribo Starmix2    Fruit Bites2  

Thanks to this test proposed by Hannah Gould from The Guardian, here is a chance to test your insight! Some answers will surprise you…



Ecomil and sugar-free 

Consuming too much sugar favours the augmentation of blood glucose and often causes teeth decays.

But we do care about you! The Ecomil sugar-free range is still available and we will keep on updating you about this major issue …