Quality and production

At Nutriops, we believe that quality must be constantly improving


Carefully selected raw material, strict production rules and a full-traceability and control program throughout the whole production process (HACCP: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), guarantee the best quality of our products.

In our Tetra Brik factory, quality control systems are guaranteed by the independent certifications IFS (International Food Standard: www.ifs-certification.com) and BRC (British Retailer Consortium www.brc.org.uk), which represent the most demanding food quality and safety processes in the world. Besides, lactose-free, gluten-free and sugar-free claims of our products are guaranteed through our quality control system.


Our manufacturing processes respect the ingredients quality and allow us to obtain nutritionally optimized and palatable finished products.

Almond milk in powder

1st  step : Selection of premium quality Spanish almonds, including the Marcona variety.

2nd step : Almonds are partially defatted by cold pressure to obtain a flour.

3rd step : Instantization of ingredients mixed in water and transformed into powder in a spray-drying tower.

Almond milk in Tetra Brik

1st  step and 2nd step : Same as the almond milks in powder.

3rd step : Mixing of the ingredient in water, homogenization and UHT sterilization in Tetra Pak machine (Tetra Pak UK: http://www.tetrapak.com/uk).