Planet D: Earth friends are our friends

What is Planet D? Quite simply the expression of love and ecological adventurer temperament reached to its climax by a couple of young French people: Delphine and Damien. 

Wishing to discover the world thanks to Buzz, their bike tandem, the D’s (the couple’s nickname) travelled during more than two years, by their own means, immortalizing their crazy epic thanks to a camera, which allowed them to make movies and broadcast them! ( for more info).

Always ready for new adventures, Delphine and Damien decided to do it again during the summer 2013 with the project Autarcies!

[youtube id=”5BuEgsB4zno” width=”600″ height=”350″]

For more videos:

The goal? Discovering the Spain mountains (Pyrenees, Asturias, León), going from ecovillage to ecovillage, following a vegan diet and always with their tandem but with two new passengers: Luce & Lirio, their two daughters!

In order to successfully complete this project, the D’s asked for EcoMil’s help to supply them a stock of organic products (EcoMil almond milk for example) to provide them the vegan food during their travel. It appeared obvious to us to accept this sponsoring request: this is how Planet D & EcoMil’s partnership was born!


We will keep you updated about their next adventures soon! Stay tuned!