Need a hot or cold sauce? a deglazing? Our Ecomil organic dairy-free cooking creams are what you´re looking for!


Besides being lactose free, gluten free, soy free and obviously 100% vegan and bio, both of our tasty and smooth creams Ecomil Cuisine Almond and Ecomil Cuisine Coco are also very low-fat!

Their main advantage? They don’t curdle when they are cooked!  They will be perfectly adapted for your hot sauces and your frying pan deglazing. You can also boil and mix them with acidic ingredients (lemon, wine, mustard…) without spoiling their initial weave.

They can also being perfectly used for your sugary recipes!

Try them, you won’t be disappointed!


Two examples of recipes made with our Ecomil Cuisine creams

chinese cabbage with coconut cream  Seitan with mushrooms and almonds creamy sauce .EN