News Ecomil! The Instant no added sugar range is extending!

Ecomil Instant range no added sugar almond milk calcium, powder 400g dairy-free lactose-free

Discover our range of almond milk and dairy-free drinks in powder with no added sugars!

The Instant range with no added sugars is extending, for everyone’s enjoyment: Discover the new almond milk with calcium and the oat drink with calcium. For those who love hikes, those who regularly have long business trips, those who consume daily or not daily dairy-free drinks and those who are fed up with throwing their brick which stayed in the fridge for too long!

Our range of products in Instant powder allows you to consume our drinks in the simplest way possible and the preparation is very quick: Dissolve 2 to 3 tablespoons in a glass of cold or hot water, according to taste (or 10 g of powder for 100 ml of water). Consume within 2 months after opening, and keep in a dry and cool place.
EcoMil organic almond milks no added sugars can be consumed at any time of the day, hot or cold, in coffee or tea, and can also be used in your recipes: sauces, cakes, pancakes, puddings,.

Ecomil lait d'amande nature bio poudre 400g Instant sans sucres ajoutés                                Ecomil Instant poudre amande calcium bio 400g sans sucres ajoutés nature                            Ecomil.Instant.Poudre.boisson.Végétale.Avoine.400g.Nature.Sans.Sucres.Ajoutés.Nature                           Ecomil.Instant.Poudre.boisson.Végétale.Avoine.Calcium.400g.Nature.Sans.Sucres.Ajoutés.Nature

Nature Almond milk                                  Nature Almond milk Calcium                            Nature Oat Drink                                     Nature Oat Drink Calcium
Ecomil.Instant.Poudre.boisson.Végétale.Quinoa.400g.Nature.Sans.Sucres.Ajoutés.Nature                                     Ecomil.Instant.Poudre.boisson.Végétale.Sésame.400g.Nature.Sans.Sucres.Ajoutés.Nature
Nature Quinoa Drink                                          Nature Sesame Drink