Make a DIY Bee House? ? #Beevolunteer


This is your turn to save the bees  ?? ? Thanks to the Spanish association ANSE, you can be part of this project easily ? #Beevolunteer ??

On 20 May, ANSE took the opportunity of the World Bee Day to remind us about the initiatives and actions we should take for the survival of pollinators in particular bees. The association is currently working on a big educational project by highligting the role of wild bees, the most commun bees whose the majority are solitary and harmless.


Pollinating corridors :
1m² for wild pollinators

You only need 1m² of your patio, balcony or garden and fill in a form you will find on their page here!

Until 10 different designs are available to adapt them to your need and space you chose. ANSE also introduces you a flowering times guide for some species they recomend for any situations as well as to make the best combinations.

Window box to attract pollinators at your balcony: common marigold, sage, alder tree, pallenis maritima, sempervivum and savory

In addition to colaborate through this important action, you can also end up with a colorful balcony. As ANSE mentions, improving the availability of plant resources for pollinators in urban areas, we can contribute to their preservation and build ecological corridors to connect them to their natural habitat. The suggested designs are easy to make, to plant and preserve, in addition to have flowers for the rest of the year!