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Si eres amante del las bebidas vegetales de coco, ¡Seguro que has probado la nuestra!

Esta bebida vegetal de coco es sin azúcar, sin gluten y por supuesto, sin lactosa. ¡Genial si estás buscando una bebida vegetal super completa a nivel nutricional y deliciosa a la misma vez!

As you can see in the picture, our coconut drink is Monkey Free, which means that no monkeys are used or exploited in the harvesting of coconuts in Sri Lanka to produce this drink.

It is also perfect for any moment, a warm glass in the morning, add it to your favourite sweet preparations… You can even add it to your most exotic savoury recipes!

Plus, our packaging is now more sustainable – our cap is made from sugar cane!

Sugar cane allows us to create compostable packaging, as its origin is 100% vegetable.

Our caps are made from the fibrous waste generated after the extraction of the sugar cane juice, so they are completely natural and can be easily recycled.

Because taking care of the planet means taking care of ourselves 💚

Here we leave you with this recipe made with our Coco Nature vegetable drink.



🥛 1 cup Coconut Nature vegetable drink
🍫 4 teaspoons of soluble cocoa
🍯 1/4 cup syrup
💥 3 teaspoons liquid vanilla
🌱 1 level teaspoon of Agar powder


🪐 Mix all ingredients (minus the Agar) in a saucepan and heat over low heat.

💨 Then add the Agar and stir for two minutes at a gentle boil.

☕️ Transfer to the cups or moulds and leave to set until lukewarm.

❄️Then put it in the fridge for 20 minutes and it’s ready.