Erradicate sugar before going to the doctor !

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Have you ever tried to stop your chronic fatigue syndrome, cure some disease without having any results despite your visits to the doctor ? Do you regularly consume products that are high in sugar? If yes, then you should read this…Health has become a global concern over the past years and one source of many diseases takes its roots in the consumption of sugar and especially among an increasingly younger population.

This full article taken from  The Guardian describes the effects of such a massive consumption on one’s health, it highlights the misleading aspect of some marketed products, the actions that are being taken into account (introduction of a tax on sugary soft drinks).

You can find many advices on how to cook in a healthy way, how to shop and a graph indicating how many sugar teaspoons you can find in various famous food. 


Ecomil and sugar-free 

Consuming too much sugar favours the augmentation of blood glucose and often causes teeth decays.

But we do care about you! The Ecomil almond milk sugar-free range is still available and we will keep on updating you about this major issue …