Ecomil registered by the Vegan Society for the 3rd consecutive year!

The Vegan Society

Since its creation, EcoMil develops and produces organic dairy-free drinks, totally vegan, wich means free from any ingredient of animal origin.

On May 29th, 2014 EcoMil has been registered by the All EcoMil products have received the Vegan label and EcoMil now belongs to the big Vegan family wearing the sunflower brand. Ecomil is proud to anounce that this label has been renewed by the Vegan Society for the third time on May the 29th 2016!

This logo is the official logo of the Vegan Society and helps the consumer to identify easily the vegan products. Thanks to this logo we know that the product has been registred with the Vegan Society and is free from any ingredient of animal origin and that animal products haven’t been used during its manufacturing process.

Vegan Society , Certificación Vegan vegano

The brand and the logo “Vegan” are the property of the Vegan Society, association created in 1944 by Donald Watson, inventor of the word “vegan”. Therefore the legitimacy of the brand is unrivalled in the world.

“You don’t have to be vegan to love vegan almond milk!”