Ecomil, almond milk powder


Ecomil Almond Drink Powder no added sugar is perfect to match our breakfasts, snacks, to be consumed alone or for many recipes as a replacement for cow’s milk.


It is the perfect alternative for people who are lactose intolerant because it contains all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients our body needs to function perfectly. Its delicious taste makes it easy for cow’s milk consumers to get used to it.


It is also useful for people who need to control their cholesterol, as this drink does not contain cholesterol, which helps to maintain and regulate their balance.


Its caloric value is lower than cow milk, which allows you to keep your figure while being careful with your weight. Thanks to its powdered format, we can transport it anywhere and keep it for a long time, which means that we always have our organic drink at hand!


With this drink, we will give a different touch and a special flavour to recipes that we have always made with traditional cow’s milk. Try to give originality to your recipes with a delicious product and enjoy the feeling of using a 100% organic product!


Here is a simple recipe so you can start introducing almond drink into your daily life. Let’s start with something easy but curious so you can enjoy the flavour: a delicious tomato soup:






One kilo of ripe tomatoes

Half onion

Half celery sprigs

100 ml Ecomil Almond Plain Powdered Almond

100 gr Parmesan cheese

A pinch of salt





Peel the tomato and crush it with the onion and celery, adding a pinch of salt.

Mix the Ecomil almond powder with water to obtain the 100 ml quantity and heat it without boiling it to add the parmesan cheese and let it melt and mix evenly.

Add the tomato, onion and celery mixture. Mix well, let cool and serve!


We hope you will put this recipe into practice and that it will make it easier for you to start using the almond drink in your diet and enjoy all its benefits.