Danger of drinking cow’s milk

cow milk

Since a decade, we are told to to eat 3-5 a day dairy products …


As all the food, milk and dairy products may cause foodborne diseases. Not only milk has a bacteriological and chemical reasons but also a physiological ones.

Cow’s milk contains growth hormones. A distinction is made according to the type of growth factors: the proteins, the peptides and the steroids. In cow’s milk there is the IGF-I growth hormone already present in our body. But too much of this growth hormone kill the growth hormone,because the combination of IGF-I hormone with drinking cow’s milk  increases the level of this hormone and also the risk of prostate cancer. Not to mention the number of  people with lactose intolerance that is increasing everyday.

According to Professor Walter Willett, chairman of the nutrition department at the School of Public Health at Harvard (Boston), drink more than three glasses of milk and eat as much dairy products per day would not help at all to prevent the risk of bone fractures!

Our calcium needs have been exaggerated, a good alternative to cow’s milk is to substitute it with a vegetable milk (almond, rice, soy …)