Cream Shiitake and Chestnuts Pasta


Thanks Ylenia for your recipe.




  • 70g pasta penne
  • 200g ceps
  • Cooked chestnuts
  • 100 ml Ecomil Cuisine Shiitake
  • Olive oil of mushroom
  • Pepper, garlic and onions powders

Step by Step

  1. Cook pasta during 5-6 min
  2. In a pan, cook ceps with the olive oil
  3. When pasta is cooked, add in the saucepan the Ecomil Cuisine Shiitake, cooked chestnuts and spices. Cook in soft fires until obtain a creamy sauce.
  4. Plate it and enjoy this delicious meal.


Thanks Ylenia for your recipe.

More recipes in her instagram: @ygastroeat