Coconut’s properties

Coconut's properties

Coconut has so many unsuspected properties. This tropical fruit with tender pulp is a high protein food that can be consumed or used in various ways. For drinking, cooking or using it for cosmetic, coconut offers amazing properties.

  • Its pulp, tender and tasty, is particularly effective against intestinal problems. Indeed, it helps to fight against constipation and provides better intestinal transit and reduces the risk of gastric ulcers. It is best to consume organic coconut to ensure all its properties.
  • Coconut oil is itself a precious elixir that regenerates the hair and revives the beauty of dry hair. It is also highly recommended for skin moisturiser. It is also fabulous to replace butter or oil in all your recipes.
  • Coconut water, has a big rehydration power, and is recommended to solve  kidney or urinary problems.
  • Coconut milk is often recommended to relieve sore throat. Also, thanks to its high rate of magnesium, it makes an excellent natural anti-stress.

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