New coconut milks available !!

advert ecomil cocoAfter having launched the Ecomil Cuisine coconut Bio at the begining of 2014 , EcoMil pursued the adventure by launching in April two new coconut milks.

Once again, EcoMil offers two different recipes for these coconut milks:

– the original recipe: with agave syrup

Organic coconut milk with agave syrup, Tetra Brik 1 L.

Agave syrup is a natural sweetener that has a low glycemic level. Consumption of foods containing fructose leads to a lower blood glucose rise compared to foods containing sucrose or glucose.


the sugar free recipe

Organic coconut milk sugar-free, Tetra Brik 1 L.

This almond milk can be claimed as sugars free” because it contains less than 0.5 g of total sugar per 100 ml or 100 g and unsweetened” because it is free from any kind of ingredient used for their sweetening properties. (According to regulation (EC) nº 1924/2006.) However, it contains naturally occurring sugars up to 0.1 g per 100 ml or 100 g.

Of course:  EcoMil cuisine coconut bio is still available!!!