Coconut caramel Banana Nicecream

Ingredients :

4 large bananas
200ml Ecomil coconut milk
200ml Ecomil coconut cream
75gr coconut sugar
3 pinches of fleur de sel
100gr hazelnuts

Realization :

The day before:

Peel and cut the bananas. Put them in the freezer.

The D-Day:

Coarsely crush the hazelnuts and roast them for a few minutes in a frying pan until golden brown.
Put them in a scoop and reserve them.
In a bowl, mix the coconut milk, cream, coconut sugar and salt.
Pour everything into a frying pan, heated over medium heat.
Mix regularly and gently with a spatula for about 25 minutes. The caramel will gradually thicken.
At the end, add the roasted hazelnuts and mix. Put it aside.
In a bowl mix the frozen bananas until they have a homogeneous texture (Be careful if your bananas are too hard, wait about ten minutes so as not to break your mixer. You can possibly add two tablespoons of vegetable milk to make mixing easier).
In a dish place 1/3 of the banana ice cream and cover roughly with 1/3 of caramel. Repeat the operation twice.
Place in the freezer overnight.

Enjoy your meal!

Thank you Amélie for this recipe

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