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coconut ecomil

A staple food

The coconut palm (also, cocoanut), Cocos nucifera, is a member of the family Arecaceae (palm family). It is the only accepted species in the genus Cocos. Early Spanish explorers called it coco, which means “monkey face” because the three indentations (eyes) on the hairy nut are similar to the head and face of a monkey. Found throughout the tropic and subtropic area, the coconut is known for its great versatility as it is cultivated in many parts of the globe. Coconuts are different from any other fruits because they contain a large quantity of “water”. Coconuts are part of the daily diets of many people. Indeed, for centuries, the coconut has fed population around the world. In many populations, such as islands and Asian cultures, coconut has been a staple food and has provided the majority of the food eaten.

Highly nutritive

Coconut is one of the most nutritious fruit . It is highly nutritious and rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals. It provides many health benefits beyond its nutritional content. Coconut oil is of special interest because it possesses healing properties far beyond that of any other dietary oil .

Various benefits

Coconuts can add flavor, variety and best of all healthy nutrients to your diet. Coconuts are rich in lauric acid, which is known for being antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal, and boosts the immune system. It contains 7,2 grams of dietary fibre and 2.66 grams of proteins.