Chocolate and Beetroot Cupcakes

beetroot cupcake

This recipe is a real gift, an authentic vegan and gluten free treat that delights everyone who has tasted it.  It´s easy to made and adequate to every level.

You need to prepare on one side the stuffing and on the other side the chocolate cupcake.  We love this contrast between chocolate, and this coloured root



For the stuffing:

100g raw nuts (here 50g almond and 5g cashews)

½ cooked beetroot

1 spoonful beetroot in powder

2 spoonful water

1 spoonful agave syrup



For the cupcakes :

1/3 cup Coconut oil

¼ cup Tahini

1 spoonful Beetroot in powder

1 spoonful Almond milk Ecomil Calcium sugar free

1 spoonful cocoa in powder

1 spoonful Agave syrup


Step by step

  1. First, you´ll need to prepare the stuffing. Mix all ingredients in a blender until obtain a smooth paste
  2. For the cupcakes, mix in a pan all the ingredient at medium heat until obtain a good texture.
  3.  Add wax paper in your muffin pan
  4. Fill half full the muffin pan with the preparation. Put it in the freezer during 10-15 mn.
  5. Remove it of the freezer. Add one spoonful of beetroot stuffing in each cupcake. Put it in the freezer during 10 mn.
  6. Take out the cupcakes and put it in the fridge until you serve.


Thanks Beatriz for this recipe

Find more recipes in her instagram: @beatrizmoliz