Choco cream dessert

for 4 servings

Ingredients :

500 ml Ecomil coconut milk

55gr maple syrup

15 gr cornstarch (or arrow root for a paleo version)

70 gr vegan  dark chocolate

10 g sugar-free cocoa powder


Preparation :

Crush the chocolate, place it in a bowl and keep it for later

In a second bowl, mix all the other ingredients.

Heat a saucepan. Once hot, pour in the mixture and mix continuously with a whisk for 4/5 minutes until the mixture thickens.

Pour the mixture over the chocolate and whisk gently until it melts.

Place the mixture in ramekins and store them in a cool place.

– for a chocolate “Danette” version, 2 hours of rest will be enough

– for a more formal version, let them cool overnight. Take them out at room temperature 20 minutes before eating them

Just before serving, decorate the creams with your favourite toppings (fruit, granola, maple syrup, oilseed butter, etc.).

They can be stored easily in the refrigerator for three days.



Thank you Amelie for this recipe

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