Chia Almond Milk Pudding


An easy recipe for breakfast, dessert, or for a snack. Here is the recipe for Chia Almond milk Pudding with Angele !



– 250ml Cuisine Almond  Ecomil

– 40g of tapioca

– 250mL of water

– 20g of chia seeds

– 20g blond sugar



– 1 mango

– ½ lemon

– A few basil leaves

– Shredded coconut



Start by preparing the pudding:

Put all the ingredients for the pudding in a saucepan.

Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly for about 10 minutes.

Place in the pot of your choice and let it cool.


Then prepare the mango puree.

To do so, peel the mango, remove the flesh, and mix it finely with the juice of the half lemon.

Decorate with fresh basil leaves, a little grated coconut, a few fruits of your choice and a pretty edible flower.


Thanks @laguiguettedangele for this recipe