Taking Care of The Planet

Top 11 Environmental Benefits & Reasons for Going Vegan to Save The Planet

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Resource Use Efficiency: Vegan vs Omnivorous Diets Animal products are considered an inefficient source for energy conversion due to the extraordinary amount of resources involved in their production.   Rearing Animals Requires…
Ecomil reveals its new packaging!

Ecomil reveals its new packaging!

Since this autumn, you may have already seen some change in the vegetal drinks shelf of your supermarket… Coconuts, almonds, hemp and even small hazelnuts with a whole new look! To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Ecomil, the only brand…
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Disturbing facts and figures related to animal agriculture

Greenhouse gases, amazon destruction, water consumption, discover the frightening effects of animal agriculture on the environment in this video: https://youtu.be/g1z1taw6yNw Some shocking facts which show considerable negative impacts on…

By drinking almond milk, I also take care of my planet

In a previous article, we were mentioning the nutritional benefits of almond milk, but did you know that picking almond milk is also more ecological?! Indeed, according to a study of the GhentUniversity, approximately 3 pounds of CO2 are rejected…

Planet D: Earth friends are our friends

What is Planet D? Quite simply the expression of love and ecological adventurer temperament reached to its climax by a couple of young French people: Delphine and Damien.  Wishing to discover the world thanks to Buzz, their bike tandem,…