Almond milk rather than cow’s milk? An environmentally-friendly choice

We already talk about the good alternative the almond milk is from a nutritional point of view (here). But do you know that drinking a dairy-free drink is also environmental-friendly? The cow milk production have an important impact on the…

EcoMil almond milk: suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets

The set up of the Nutriops company has been motivated by the idea of improving the almond milk recipe in order to create products from organic farming, lactose-free, healthy and nutritious, as an alternative to cow’s milk and also covering…

Sugar? No, thank you!

Difficult to reduce one's sugar consumption because sugar is everywhere ! Everywhere, really ? No ! Not in the EcoMil almond milk sugar-free Bio, and neither in the EcoMil almond milk sugar-free calcium Bio. Those two almond milks are sugar-free…

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Almond milk: vegetable milk, so dairy-free

Lactose is a carbohydrate present in the mammals’ milk. We say about people who are having difficulties to digest lactose that they are “lactose intolerants”. Lactose intolerance provokes mainly stomach pain, diarrhoea, vomiting… Around…

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Almond milk: an alternative to cow´s milk.

From years, cow´s milk is presented as a key element of our food, however its properties do not fit its popularity. Indeed, cow´s milk contains saturated fats and cholesterol. It may also contains the pesticides and antibiotics ingested…

By drinking almond milk, I also take care of my planet

In a previous article, we were mentioning the nutritional benefits of almond milk, but did you know that picking almond milk is also more ecological?! Indeed, according to a study of the GhentUniversity, approximately 3 pounds of CO2 are rejected…

A new star is born

EcoMil is glad to announce you the launching of its new product: the coconut milk cuisine! This organic coconut milk will fit all your recipes, sweet or savoury adding in them a spark of exoticism! Ready to use for your desserts, gratins,…