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Positive effects of quitting sugar by Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson is the author of the New York Times bestseller´s of the “I Quit Sugar” books:  Sarah is a former magazine, newspaper and TV journalist.  Everything started when doctors told her to stop sugar because of her autoimmune disease…
Release from sugar

How to get detoxed from sugar

Daily tiring moments, uncontrollably needs of sugar?  These are the warning signs of a sugar addiction. Learn how to release from it If you feel that you have to limit your daily intake of sugar because of a chronic fatigue, needs of sugar,…
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Hot flavoured drinks and sugar

The truth about sugar and coffee shops   We saw previously that a can of Coca-Cola contained 7 sugar cubes, or 9 teaspoons of sugar. Unfortunately it’s not the only one to blame, and we can find similar examples –even worse- overall…
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Sugary drinks linked to another cause of global death

This is a real threat to our current society:  The regular consumption of famous sugary drinks (or not famous) around the world maximize the risks to develop cancer, obesity, diabete and many other cardiovascular diseases and health issues. A…
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Animal lover? Caring for your health? Change for Vegan!

The vegan way of living, which remained nearly unknown at a global scale ten years ago, is nowadays attracting more and more people. There are two main explanations to this new trend, which are quite understandable: animal welfare health…
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Erradicate sugar before going to the doctor !

Have you ever tried to stop your chronic fatigue syndrome, cure some disease without having any results despite your visits to the doctor ? Do you regularly consume products that are high in sugar? If yes, then you should read this...Health…
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The industry of sugar : an unspeakable challenge

An overview of a monstrous addiction used by worldwide food giants so as to maintain profit to the detriment of global health. Andy Mulligan, the author of the best seller book Trash, has just revealed his new book Liquidator, inspired by…

Cream Ecomil Cuisine Almond voted as the best organic product 2016!

Real substitute to dairy single creams, our non-dairy almond based cooking cream Ecomil Cuisine Almond has been voted best organic product 2016. This distinction rewards the most appreciated products, after having being tested by a panel of…
jamie sugar rush

Jamie Oliver "Sugar Rush", the industry hits back

The war between sugar campaigners and the food industry is turning bitter in UK. The trigger was the screening of the highly anticipated and widely trailed Channel 4 documentary Jamie's Sugar Rush. The food industry, through its main trade…