Caramel Toast Almond Latte coffee


We are not going to teach you how to make coffee or how to become the best barista of your country.

We are just giving you the key to become the king of latte coffee. Get the best latte coffee without going out?

Beatriz unveils her secret recipe to do so. Warning, once you try it you cannot do without it !



For the Toasted Almond Caramel:

1 spoonful Coconut milk

1 spoonful of Agave syrup

60ml toasted almond cream

1 spoonful cinnamon


For the Latte coffee:

1 coffee shot

1 spoonful Toasted Almond caramel

1 spoonful Almond milk Classic Ecomil


 Step by Step

  1. To prepare the almond toasted caramel, put all the ingredients in a pan and cook at medium heat until obtain a texture like caramel
  2. Make a coffee and add in your mug a spoonful of the almond toasted caramel. Mix well.
  3. Warm up Almond Milk Classic Ecomil. If you have a blender put the milk in it to obtain this perfect forth worthy of the best barista.

*If not just put the milk in a shaker and  shake until obtain the texture wanted.

4.Add the milk in your coffee and enjoy!

Thank Beatriz for this recipe

More recipes on her Instagram : @beatrizmoliz