By drinking almond milk, I also take care of my planet


In a previous article, we were mentioning the nutritional benefits of almond milk, but did you know that picking almond milk is also more ecological?!

Indeed, according to a study of the GhentUniversity, approximately 3 pounds of CO2 are rejected in the atmosphere for the production of every litre of cow’s milk.

What about almond milk ?

We consider that for the production of 1 litre of almond milk, the CO2 emissions are 5 times less important than for the production of 1 litre of cow’s milk.

For the most eco-friendly of you ?

If almond milk is sometimes sold in Tetra Brik 1 L, it is also sold in powder in 250 g, 400 g, and 800 g boxes.

For example, 400 g box packaging allows to prepare the equivalent of 4 or 5 Tetra Brik 1 L, which means less packaging, less transport, and so less CO2 !