blue agave

Agave syrup , a healthy alternative to sugar

Agave syrup is a natural sweetener extracted from blue Agave, a Mexican cactus. Agave syrup was already used by the Aztec civilization that really liked its sweet flavor. Agave syrup Benefits: It can help to reduce your sugar consumption…
Almond trees in bloom Ecomil

Almond tree in bloom (Murcia, 24th of February 2015)

Spain is the second largest almond producer in the world. Spring is coming and almond trees are blooming delicious pink and white flowers. At this time of year, we could not resist to present you some pictures of almond trees in bloom, full…
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The new non-dairy hemp drink sugar free Ecomil !

Ecomil, which is already the leading brand in Europe in the organic almond milk category, is proving again to be innovative, bold and creative launching on the market, the first Organic hemp drink sugar-free in tetra brick in Europe ! Thanks…
Industrial Hemp

Hemp and its properties

Hemp is an ancient plant that has been cultivated for millennia. It is one of the first plants cultivated by human. Hemp comes from the same species of Marijuana plant - Cannabis Sativa L.  However, Unlike cannabis, industrial hemp contains…
Coconut's properties

Coconut's properties

Coconut has so many unsuspected properties. This tropical fruit with tender pulp is a high protein food that can be consumed or used in various ways. For drinking, cooking or using it for cosmetic, coconut offers amazing properties. Its pulp,…
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The bitter truth about sugar to discover in "That Sugar Film"

This documentary tells the story of Damon Gameau, an Australian actor is about to discover the effect of a high sugar diet, consumming for 60 days food perceived as healthy. In a similar style of the acclaimed documentary Super Size Me directed…

World Diabetes Day is celebrated this November 14

World Diabetes Day, is organized by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and supported by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is celebrated worldwide by the 190 member associations of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in…
salt sugar and fat

Sugar, salt and fat: how the food industry make us eat endlessly

The investigative journalist Michael Moss describes in his book "Salt Sugar Fat”, the secrets of the food industry (1) to make us eat endlessly. Michael Moss describes all the tricks the big food companies use to sell the perfect food to…

Articifials sweeteners might be associated to diabete and obesity

They are replacing the refine sugar; sweeteners are now omnipresent in our diet. They are considered good for your health because of their caloric benefits. But at what price? Scientific studies on these artificial sweeteners are very rare…