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Potatoes Gratin

  Ingredients : 7/8 large potatoes 2 large shallots 2 cloves of garlic 400 ml Ecomil Cuisine Coco  200 ml Ecomil Cuisine Béchamel  2 bay leaves 3 sprigs of thyme Salt, pepper, olive oil Realization : Peel the potatoes and cut them very thinly into slices (here with a mandolin). In olive oil, brown the […]

Raw vegan cheesecake bars

Delicious raw vegan bars flavored with cheesecake and almond caramel. Learn how to prepare your own snacks without the need for an oven.  These bars are perfect for the summer and to share with your friends and family.   Ingredients for the base: 1 ½ cup almonds ½ cup pure cocoa 2 ½ date cups […]

Burger Quinoa Adzukis and Cashew nuts

Do you like hamburgers? With this formula you’ll learn how to make a delicious recipe perfect for dinners and sharing with friends. A complete recipe of legumes, cereals and the creamy touch of EcoMil Cuisine cashew that will leave no one indifferent. Let your imagination run wild and combine it as you wish, that’s the […]

Dal of red lentil

          There is nothing better than a rich, complete dish that you can prepare in a short time. This is the case of this Dal of red lentil with spinach in which you only need the ingredients and 30 minutes of your time. Not so bad, huh? Dal is a typical […]

Choco cream dessert

for 4 servings Ingredients : 500 ml Ecomil coconut milk 55gr maple syrup 15 gr cornstarch (or arrow root for a paleo version) 70 gr vegan  dark chocolate 10 g sugar-free cocoa powder   Preparation : Crush the chocolate, place it in a bowl and keep it for later In a second bowl, mix all […]

Overnight porridge

  Today, Pazapah offers us a gourmet recipe of overnight porridge flavoured with chocolate and served with a raspberry and pomegranate seed coulis. Here is the recipe to make 2 overnight porridges very gourmet: Preparation: 15 min Rest: 1 night Ingredients: The overnight porridge: – 200 g small oatmeal flakes – 600 ml Almond milk […]

Tamari broccoli purée

      Ingredients 15′ of preparation – 2 small broccoli – 60ml of Ecomil Cuisine Coco Cooking Cream – One tablespoon of tamari – Salt & pepper – A little bit of hemp seeds – A bit of olive oil Recipe Steam the broccoli for 10 minutes. When they are cooked, mix them Add […]

Coconut and rice pudding

If you liked the rice pudding we prepared at Ecomil, don’t miss this coconut and rice pudding: a recipe of a soft, creamy bowl, a great alternative to the famous porridge with oatmeal or buckwheat. The combination with coconut milk makes every spoon a real treat. An ideal dessert or a great way to start […]