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Zebra cake

Ingredients for the sponge cake -300 gr whole wheat spelt flour -35 g cornstarch or protein custard 175 g boneless dates -175 g boneless dates -16 g yeast -3 g baking soda -85 g cashew nut cream -1 tbsp vanilla essence -lemon zest -300 ml Ecomil coconut drink -pinch of salt   Ingredients for chocolate […]

Lemon bars

BASE : – 90 oats – 40 gr grated coconut – 25 gr almonds – Salt – 100 gr boneless dates – Vanilla – 40 ml Ecomil coconut milk   Filling: – 350 gr of tofu – 120 ml lemon juice – 1 grated lemon zest – 90 g boneless dates – 25 gr coconut […]

Banana muffin with Ecomil crème anglaise

  For 4 muffins: Ingredients: 120 gr gluten-free flour mix pastry mix 40 gr chestnut flour 1/2 bag of yeast 12 tbsp Ecomil Cuisine crème anglaise 2 mashed bananas 1 pinch of vanilla flower salt A few slices of bananas on topping Instructions: Mix the flours with the baking powder, crushed bananas and vanilla flower […]

Chocolate torte with crème anglaise

  Ingredients:   – 160g of flour – 100g hazelnut powder – 40g starch – 70g of cocoa powder – 80g coconut sugar – 2 tsps baking powder – 1 cup bicarbonate – 1 pinch of salt – 330g of grated zucchini – 150g applesauce no added sugar – 150ml vegetable milk – 30g coconut […]

Banana cake with blueberries and coconut

Ingredients:   – 2 ripe bananas -70g oat flour -170g of small spelt flour -1 tbsp almond butter – 80ml Ecomil Cuisine coconut milk – 46g maple syrup – 1 pinch of salt – 5 g cider vinegar – 7.5 g baking soda – about 150g of fresh blueberries   Preparation:   Preheat the oven […]

Pasta with aspergus

Ingredients: 150 gr of pasta 6-7 sprigs of asparagus 100 gr of mushrooms Fresh thyme 50-80 ml Ecomil Cashew Cuisine Salt, black pepper Pine nuts   Instructions: Cook the pasta, following the instructions on the package Meanwhile, in a hot pan with some oil, start cooking the asparagus and mushrooms Season with salt and pepper […]

Blueberry ice cream

Ingredients: 2 frozen bananas 1 spoon of blueberry jam A handful of fresh blueberries 100 ml of Ecomil Cuisine Coconut    Instructions: Put all the ingredients in a powerful blender and blitz until smooth Enjoy with some waffle cones   Thanks to @topfoodfacts for their recipe

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Warm porridge

Ingredients 60 grams rolled oats 350 ml Ecomil almond milk 1 medium apple 2 tbsp. coconut sugar 2 tsp. vanilla extract 1/2 tbsp. ground cinnamon 1/4 tsp. ground cloves 1/8 tsp. ground nutmeg Zest from half a lemon Instructions Whisk together oats, spices and sugar. In a saucepan, heat together milk and vanilla. When it’s […]