Almond milk story

We find the first signs of almond milk preparation in the Ancien Greece then in the Roman Empire but this is during the Middle Age that almond milk has been popularised and has become a staple food in both Christians and Muslims cultures.

Why this success?

1-Almond milk was used as a substitute to almond milk during Lent and during the fast days.

2-Unlike the cow’s milk, almond milk can be keeping fresh for a long period of time.

Almond milk popularity during Middle Age can be verify thanks to Taillevent’s book “Le viandier” in which he recommends almond milk utilisation, in particular during fast days.

Almond milk also used to be a very popular food in Asia before the XXth century and the China civil war.


This is how from generation to generation, the almond milk recipe has been transmitted and still a very popular food, in particular among lactose intolerant people or people following a vegetarian or a vegan diet.

Almond milk success is not about to stop!