Almond milk: good and gluten free


Gluten refers to certain proteins presents in some cereals such as wheat, rye or barley… It is also gluten which gives the elastic consistency to the dough (made from cereals quoted previously) when we knead it.


For people allergic to gluten, the ingestion can cause intestinal disorders, bone and joint problems, tiredness, or mood swings.

It does not exist any medication to treat this allergy but it is easy to exclude gluten from your diet by replacing cereals containing gluten by rice, potatoes, or dried fruits such as almond for example.

In powder, tetrabrick, nature, or enriched with calcium, the EcoMil almond milk is always* gluten free (except EcoMil Almond milk agave muesli).

And as gluten intolerance is often goes along with lactose intolerance, the EcoMil almond milk is also lactose free, but this is a different story!