Almond Trees in Bloom in Murcia

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The Almond milk made where almonds are actually grown.

At Ecomil, we support the local economy by choosing suppliers from our region and favour high quality ingredients.

Again this year in southeastern Spain, in the heart of the Mediterranean, spring wakes up and during this period the almond trees bloom, covering intense white and rose colours illuminating the fields of the region. Ecomil presents you its terroir, the beauty of this part of the country, calm and peaceful where all the conditions are met to obtain almonds with the maximum possible quality.

Thanks to these magnificent annual blooms and the delicious almonds produced by these almond trees, we are able to manufacture our tasty almond products full of nutritional benefits.

Discover through these photos the range of Ecomil products immersed in the heart of their origins!

natas vegetales a base de almendra en almendro flor de almendro natas vegetales a base de almendra en almendro

Almendra vanilla en almendro

gebas en maps

Almonds are grown here