Vegan recipes

Custard almond milk tart

Ingredients for 4 people: 200 g of EcoMil almond milk in powder with agave syrup 200 g of almond flour 500 g of Tofu  3 cups of EcoMil almond milk Nature in Tetra Brik 4 tablespoons caramel 1 pinch of vanilla powder.   Preparation: Put…

Almond granita

Ingredients for 4-6 serves: 400g of EcoMil almond milk 330 g of spring water 70-80 g of sugar whole almonds crushed. Preparation: Mix the almond milk with water and sugar. Serve the mixture into a shallow metal pan (this facilitates…

Wholemeal Cake with Vanilla Cream

Ingredients for 4 serves: - For the pastry:  300 g of silk tofu 15 g EcoMil Almond milk in powder dissolved in 125 ml of water 2 measures of raw cane sugar 3 measures of wholemeal flour 1 measure of oil lemon juice 1 sachet of baking…