Vegan recipes

Grilled vegetables with Ecomil coconut cuisine

Looking for a great grilled vegetables recipe to do in summer?  Try this one with a sweet taste of coconut and beat the heat without meat!   Ingredients: 3 eggplants 3 zucchinis 1 red pepper 1 green pepper 5  olive oil tablespoon Ecomil…
Seitan fillets

Seitan fillet with Ecomil coconut cuisine Bio

For 2 people 2 seitan fillet 2 carrots 1 zucchini 1 lime virgin coconut oil (NaturGreen) 1 tetra of  Ecomil cuisine coconut  Bio 200 ml ginger (fresh or in powder) salt and pepper - Preparation : Wash and grate the carrots…

Vegan Far with prunes

Ingredients for 6 people : -600 ml of EcoMil Almond milk agave vanilla Bio 1L 125 grammes of  flour 50 grammes of cornflour 25 grammes of agave syrup powder (Naturgreen) 150 grammes of pruneaux -- Preparation : -In a salad bowl…
crepes vegan ecomil

Vegan crepe dough

For 20 crepes  500 g of flour 1 litre of EcoMil almond milk agave 4 bananas 2 tablespoons of oil 1 pinch of salt Preparation :  In a salad bowl, mix the flour, bananas previously mashed, oil and salt. Gradually add the almond milk…

Coconut milk flan

Ingredients (for 2 people):  2 Tetra brik of EcoMil almond milk cuisine (400 ml) 70 grams of brown sugar 2 teaspoons of agar-agar (vegetal gelling agent) 15 cl of agave syrup 100 grams of coco pulp A topping of your choice   Preheat…

Tofu with coconut milk and curry

Ingredients (for 2 people):  1 Tetra Brik of EcoMil cuisine coco milk (200 ml)  250 g of firm tofu 2 teaspoons of curry  1 onion 1 teaspoon of curcuma 1 teaspoon of olive oil  Recipe Cut the tofu in slices Put the teaspoon of…

Vegetal Paté

Ingredients for 4 serves: 100 g - 150 g dry bread 0,25 l EcoMil Almond 30 g pitted black olives 2 big onions (chopped) 2 grated carrots 2 cloves of garlic mixed herbs tomatoe sauce sunflower oil salt.   Preparation: Leave…

“Tortitas” from Oat Flakes and Nuts

Ingredients for 4 people: 100 g nuts 200 g oat flakes 2 eggs 50 g grated cheese 30 g of EcoMil Almond Instant Bio dissolved in 250 ml of water grated dry pan 1 onion. Preparation: Grate the nuts and mix them with oat flakes, eggs…
riz au lait arroz con leche rice pudding

Rice pudding (almond milk)

For 4 people: 1 Tetra brik of EcoMil Almond milk agave Bio 1 L 150 g of round-grain rice 50 to 75 g of sugar 1 vanilla pod Preparation: Cook the rice 3 to 4 minutes in a pot of boiling water and drain it. Heat the almond milk with the…